The Brian Cox Drinking Game

The Brian Cox Drinking Game 

 ©KateNap and IdleEmma 2011

  Do you like to drink? Do you like science? Do you like learning things about science while getting drunk?…Do you like Brian Cox? Well if you answered yes to all or one of those questions than here is a game for you. A game to play while watching Wonders of the Universe.

Slightly alternative version of the rules (only one or two differences).

The Visual Version

  Rule One – For every somewhat unnecessary location that Brian Cox visits, take a drink.

Explanation: If, for example, you think that whatever he is talking about could be explained just as well with some different materials and sitting in a back garden, take a drink. If the location has nothing to do with what he is talking about, take a drink. This can account for up to five drinks per episode.

  Rule Two – For every time there is an artistic shot of Brian Cox, take a drink.

Explanation: Artistic shots can include silhouettes of him, images of him standing or sitting while viewing the landscape and scenes of him walking off into the distance or towards the camera. If there is talking or an evident function to the shot, do not take a drink.

  Rule Three – For every time Brian Cox is either sounding/looking sad, not smiling, or he is looking into the distance brooding, take two drinks.

Explanation: Even when Brian Cox is talking about something, you can tell that he his smiling because you can see it in his eyes and hear it in his voice. This counts as smiling and so he smiles a lot making.

The Verbal Version

Rule One – For every time that Brian Cox says the words; million, billion or trillion, take a drink.

Explanation: While there may be long gaps between the mention of numbers, there are several occasions when the words million, billion or trillion appear three to six times in a row providing many drinks.

(You should probably only stick to this first rule as numbers are mentioned frequently enough.)

  Rule Two – For every time that Brian Cox says; black hole, entropy, thermodynamics, fundamental or cosmos, take a drink.

Explanations: The list of words may be altered to include other such appropriate words that have to do with science and the cosmos but they must be picked out before the episode and you should have no more than five words.

Rule Three – For every time that Brian Cox talks about a scientific concept you understand, take a drink. If you can then explain the concept, take two drinks.

Explanation: Well if you can explain the idea without using the visual metaphors that Brian Cox uses, than you deserve to drink more.

Extra Versions:

  Extreme Universe – While playing the verbal version or visual version, add the bonus rule that whenever you hear the word universe, take a drink.

  I want to give myself alcohol poisoning and end up in hospital – Play verbal and visual versions with Extreme Universe all at the same time and end up in hospital getting your stomach pumped after an incredibly short amount of time.


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