The pen met paper and Japan was formed.


     An actual update and a drawing to boot! That’s just how awesome I am.

     Well at the moment, I’m finished my lectures for this semester. I have a Japanese oral on Monday, a Japanese exam the week after and a cultural studies one the week after that、but that’s it. I have plenty more time now…well, to do what I’ve been doing this entire time anyway – reading manga, watching anime, playing xbox…the usual stuff.

    I will try and get more art done, the drawing to the left being an example (it’s the first proper things I’ve drawn in months). It’s Japan from Hetalia for anyone who doesn’t know. It doesn’t quite look like him, but I’m hoping it will look better when I colour it. Not sure if I want to use copic markers, or colour it digitally though.

   Well, that’s all for now. I’m tired and off to bed. Tomorrow I’ll wake up and watch some more Code Geass. That is my life now.


– エマ

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