Forgotten how to do something

  I had some really good ideas for photo manipulations in my head both last night and today and decided I was gonna get to work. You see I started listening to some music on my ipod and was inspired by several songs which got me thinking that I might try a challenge of making a photo-manipulation inspired by each of the songs in my 25 most played list on itunes (seemed like a good idea because I have two images done from a few years ago based off of songs that turned out well…well I liked them and that’s saying something seeing as I’m talking about my own work).

   I made a start with the song that is currently 1st on the list (since at 42 plays in comparison to no. 2’s 27 plays, it looks to be staying there for a while). Anyway, the song I’m speaking of is Making April’s These are the Nights (an amazing song. The album it’s from, Runaway World is one of the best albums…ever.) Sadly, my skills (if I ever had them) have gone down the drain and I suck a bit. I really need to get back into the swing of making decent manipulations.

   As usual, if you click on the image it’ll lead to my deviant art page, and I’d like to thank the stock artists on dA for being allowed to use their stock. Couple provided by Vickithtoria-Stock, background by ELENADUDINA and the polaroid: iSuat.

   And just for the sake of showing them I supose, here are the two old ones. The first one is titled ‘Beauty in the Breakdown’ and was inspired by Frou Frou’s Let Go. Only one image was used to make it, but I did use a lot of different fonts and brushes – again all provided by artists on deviantArt. It was done in January of 2010 I think. The credits for both can be found on their deviation pages (click on the images to get there). The second is propably more obviousy recognisable as being based off of Meds by Placebo. That one was done in 2009.


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