Updates on manga, art and lack of study

   You know, I’ve actually done four photomanipulations over a period of three days. That’s the most work I think I’ve ever done. Of course I have yet to start studying for my Japanese exam that I have Saturday – and I think I might take a break from trying to read all of Naruto in two weeks. After 250 chapters, I’m getting tired of it. Don’t want to get too sick of it.

So here’s another photomanip, done while listening to Gravity by Sara Bareilles. Love that song! As always, stock images provided by artists on dA: expressive-stock, DH-Textures, AzurylipfesStock and ThaSprout.

And you know, I’ve been so caught up in this artsy lark, I haven’t made a blog post about my love for science – well don’t worry! Here’s a quick mention of it to balance things out: I love The Infinite Monkey Cage. Seriously one of the best radio shows/podcasts ever. While I don’t listen to many podcasts and barely notice the existence of Irish radio, let alone BBC radio, I still feel that I can safely announce TIMC as being top notch. I’m listening to the latest episode now. The introductions are always the best, I love when the mock Brian Cox because it’s always hilarious. Tim Minchin’s on this episode too and that’s always a good!


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