What you want: a post about Brian Cox

   I feel I’m doing something wrong with my blog. I don’t think people want to see my art at all. I think what people really want is this:

   That is really what people want to see, ‘Brian Cox silhouette’ is the most commonly used search term for finding my blog. It’s not a large number, but considerately more than anything else. For everyone that finds my blog, or wants to find my blog through Brian Cox related things – this is for you. I’ll just go google more images for you.

   What also appear in the list of search terms used are ‘Brian Cox smiles as he talks’ and ‘Brian Cox smiling’ so for anyone who wants some that (such as the person that would like to ‘do Brian Cox’ – someone really did search that), here’s another image:

“You have provided us with an image of Brian Cox smiling, and a silhouette of him as he looks as the sky,” you say, “but what about if we want to see ‘brian cox looking into camera’!”

  Do not fear, for not only is there a picture of him looking into the camera, but he is smiling as well.

  Some of you however do not wish to see pictures of Brian Cox smiling, and would rather drink away your obsession by playing a drinking game (I know there are plenty of you out there as it is a popular enough search term and proves to still be my post read post). This is perfectly reasonable – that you want to enjoy the learning aspect of Wonders of the Universe while also catering to your alcoholic personality. Again, people who wish to know the rules of the drinking game need not fear as I have a post for you to read: The Brian Cox Drinking Game.

“Hang on a second,” you say. “Not all of us want images of Brian Cox or drinking games based around his shows. Some of us simply want to enjoy reading ‘fun physics facts’ because ‘physics [is] fascinating’.” I don’t have any posts with pure physics facts, but I have this post with facts about the solar system you can enjoy. If you want to read an old post on how I found a love for physics, you can do so here.

On a side note, while writing this blog about how people are finding it through my science and Brian Cox posts, someone just searched ‘interesting physics facts’ and came across my blog.


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