Caves don’t like cameras

   Well I don’t like caves for camera work. On Sunday we (me, my dad, older sister and her boyfriend) went to the Aillwee Caves (which I just find a strange word to spell) out in the Burren, Co. Clare. I’m not sure why, but we parked the car for some reason at the furthest point in the car park from the entrance, though that did worked out later because it was a nice spot to sit and eat and gave a lovely view of the landscape.

   When we got there, we had to rush because there was a tour just about to start. We wanted to make sure we’d have time to eat and see the bird show so we didn’t want to hang around for the next tour. This gave my very little time to change lens for my camera though as I thought I’d have a bit more time, but luckily I managed to change the lens moment before the tour began and we entered the cave.

   Of course I didn’t have any of the settings set up right so then I was left fumbling around in quite a dark place trying to quickly change the settings. As I’d never taken photos in a cave before, I had no I idea what would work so I guessed. I’m not so good at guessing though. I’m always terribly off. As well, no one was really asking any questions to the tour guy so when he finished we moved on kinda quickly so I didn’t have as much time as I’d like to try get some shots. It turned into more of a point at anything and click and hope something turns out ok moments because when looking through the viewfinder I couldn’t actually see much. But this blog is prove that that technique for taking photos sometimes works! Doesn’t produce fantastic photos, but it produces something usable.

   We stopped for a bit at the waterfall and I had a chance there to switch the settings a bit more and actually see what I was doing, but I still couldn’t get much. I’d love to be able to have the time to set things up and have a tripod to hold the camera still but you’re not gonna get that on a tour sadly. The day out wasn’t a complete failure though. If my cave shots made for a bit of a disappointment, the bird shots (which I’ll put in another post), more than made up for. I also learned an important thing, I like the dark – but only as long as I don’t have to move. If I’m walking on ground that’s even just the slightest bit uneven or sloped, I like to see where my feet are walking. Can’t see that in the dark.


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