Bateleur Eagles are Beautiful Birds

   So on Sunday I was in The Burren with my camera, and after visiting Aillwee Cave we went to the birds of prey centre (which in my opinion is far, far better than the cave because birds of prey are awesome!). You have the chance to walk around and see the birds in their cages and they have flying displays so you can see the birds flying around out in the open. It’s pretty cool seeing a falcon dive bomb it towards the ground and have a bateleur eagle land right behind your head. We stayed for two of the flying displays because they bring out different birds for each one. The bateleur eagle (named Batty) was one of my favourites. Though I have a soft spot for the raven that they had there among all the owls, eagles and hawks. Partly because I really wish I had a pet raven. I want one called Edgar. Anyway, below is the photo taken when Batty was perched right behind us.


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