Owls are Awesome

   Remember that owl I mentioned in Vultures are Fascinating – the one with the surprised face, well here he is. Not sure what his name is, but he’s a great grey owl. He was the first bird we saw when we entered the centre. Now how could you not love a face like that!

   Below is a picture of the barn owl that they had. The bars of the cage were smaller and closer together for this owls cage, so it was difficult to get a good shot but the photo came out pretty okay I think. It’s such a beautiful bird and if you click on the image to go to my flickr page, you can see a bigger version and the feathers look really cool.

   There was an owl in the cage next to the great grey owl but I couldn’t get a photo of him because he was busy sulking in a corner, looking out the other way and only occasionally glancing over to glare, and next to the barn owl was another owl that spend the whole time in his shelter in the back. He seemed cute though, very round.

   During the first flying display that we went to, they flew a great horned owl named Owl (I know, that’s my kind of  naming). You always hear that owls are silent flyers but actually hearing, well not hearing any noise as you see them flying makes it all that bit more poignant. Owls have excellent sight but they are long sighted. If you put something about a foot in front of their head, they can’t actually see it, but put it further away and they can. Interesting stuff.


4 thoughts on “Owls are Awesome

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    Epic birds of prey that are owls. I love eagles, hawks and others too. But the beauty of owls always inspired me. Lucky I am not alone in this admiration. Here’s a post with some grerat pictures of owls by Idle-Emma. Enjoy!


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