Millie the Saker Falcon

  Millie, a Saker Falcon, was the last of the birds we say in the first flying display. I think she’s quite cute. Before setting off for flight, she has a series of pre-flight checks that she does which include the usual checking of feathers to make sure everything’s in place and relieving her bladder to lighten the load. She also scratches her ear which is absolutely adorable. They’re not quite sure why she does that, just that she does it every time.

   For the flying display, Millie was let fly off in the hopes that she’d get circling high up and so we could see her dive towards the ground. We did eventually see her dive towards the ground which was pretty cool, but only after a long wait because Millie decided to go off and fly around for fun for a while. They have excellent eyesight so they can fly off quite a distance and still be able to see what’s going in the little display area.

   The trick to get her to come back was for everyone to get up and leave. After seeing that, she came back because she knew she wouldn’t get an easy meal otherwise. It was quite funny, and nice that when they do fly off like that, they know they’ll come back, because, in Millie’s case, she’s lazy and while she has caught her food on occasion, she’d rather take the easy meal.

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