Happy Higgs Day Fireworks

   Some more fireworks that Limerick had earlier this month to celebrate the 4th of July. Ireland has no reason to celebrate that, think they just wanted to a reason to have fireworks. Also the fireworks were on the 8th which makes even less sense. I have however decided that 4th of July should now be called Higgs Day due to the finding of the Higgs Boson. So a late Happy Higgs Day!


5 thoughts on “Happy Higgs Day Fireworks

    1. I know, I love when the fireworks look like flowers, makes it easier to see why the Japanese word for fireworks is comprised of the kanji for flower and fire XD


  1. Sounds about right–blow something up for Higgs Day! It makes even more sense than eating pie on pi day. 😉 I love the way the display creates a fiery chrysanthemum across the sky.


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