Gecko Inspired OC Design

   I’ve been neglecting the blog for a bit, I know. But back to posting some art. I haven’t actually been drawing much recently though, good thing I have plenty of photos from last month.

   So here’s an oc design. Flaws with the drawing, I know. Quite an awkward pose. I’ll just copy what I wrote when I posted it on dA:

   Anyway, this is an idea for another OC. Nothing set in stone, just planning. Thinking of calling her Kota
So – lizard type (based on a gecko – hence green skin and tail, though not all of this race as green skin). Lives in forested areas, good at climbing (can’t quite climb up. glass like real geckos, but can climb a lot of vertical surfaces). Largely nocturnal – very good night vision (big eyes). Communicate with each other through their own language of clicking and chirping noises, though many also speak the common tongue for trade purposes. Some species specialise in camouflage while others can glide from tree to tree due to the webbing they have on their toes and fingers as well along their sides to arms


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