Fantasy Creatures

Spiritwalker pet idea for EoT


   So here are two of the ideas that I came up with when one of the rp groups on deviant art called Elements of Tiadar help a contest for pet ideas.

  The ghost owl (that I have been told by a friend looks like Dumbledore), is the creature I drew for the Spiritwalkers, the group whose powers focus on talking to spirits and guiding them. Obviously I wanted a ghostly style to fit in with their powers.

Firesinger Pet Idea

 Second is my idea for the firesingers pet (as my OC is a firesinger). The idea was simple, a fox style creature made out of flames. I wanted cute but cunning XD

   I know the firesinger pet doesn’t look too great. The lines were done with traditional means, using a marker, so it’s difficult to clean them up properly to look good on a transparent background.



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