Photography: Piers and Sunsets

Click on the image to get to my deviantArt page where you can see a bigger version.

Sunset Photographer


   I have some more sunset photography from the start of September for you! I’ll slowly get through them. Up at the top is a panorama shot. It’s a bit dull and not much going on in it, but it shows how still everything was that evening. Actually, to make it a panorama shot, I had to stitch the pictures together myself because I had some trouble downloading software that could stitch the photos together. It was slow and difficult, trying to line the photos up and blend them together but I think I did an okay enough job at it.

   To the side is a photo of my dad. A rather blurry photo, yes, I took it quickly without thinking, but I liked the effect. All of my photos of my dad are of him taking photos. Meanwhile below, well it’s the reflection of the sky in the water, with a plane about to land. I think I mentioned in one of the previous posts that across from the pier is Shannon Airport.


   So, to the right is a shot of the sky – just the clouds and different colours as the sun set. And below is another panorama shot that again, I had to stitch the photos together myself. I probably should download that programme my dad keeps saying I should.

  So for the camera info if anyone is interested – all the photos were taken with my Olympus E600. Sunset Photographer and Landing were taken with my 50mm lens while Atmosphere was taken with a lens at 70mm.

Anyway, that’s all for now,



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