Photography: Peerless Sunset


   How is everyone? I have yet more photos of an early September sunset for you today/tonight (depending on your time of reading this!), so enjoy! (I will take new photos…someday…)

Peerless Sunset I

   Photo info (because everyone loves the random numbers that tell you what settings I happened to use to take my photos!):

   So both of these photos had a shutter Speed of 1/250 second, an aperture of F/14.0, with the ISO Speed at 100. The photo to the left was using my 50mm macro lens (my absolute favourite lens, I use it for practically everything!), and the photo below at 70mm. Oh, and as usual, we taken with my Olympus E600. ‘Cos I’m cool and use an Olympus camera…I never see other people using Olympus, always Nikon or Canon…

Peerless Sunset III
Peerless Sunset IV
Peerless Sunset V
Peerless Sunset VI

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