Photography: Sunset Reflections


Reflections I

   Hello and how is everyone? Got some more sunset photos for you today and guess what, these are the last of them. Yup, I’ll have to go take some more photos now…actually I think I have about three photos from October, and I do have drawings to post (even though, drawings,not as popular as photography), so I still have art to post before I really have to go make some new art! I am actually drawing new stuff at the moment, but I probably won’t be posting them until near or after christmas as some of them are secret santa gifts for people on dA.

Reflections IV

The Nerdy Numbers:

   All photos taken with my Olympus E-600, with my 50 mm macro lens on the 5th of September 2012, with a shutter speed of 1/250 second and an ISO speed of 100 (except the first photo which is 160) and the aperture ranging from F/3.2 – F/5.6



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