Original Character (OC): Sam Anders

EoT app sheet for Sam Anders

   I created a second character for the rp group on deviantART that I’m a member of – this time, a human. Actually, created him back in September, but as you know I’m quite far behind in uploading my art.

Sam – head shot

   Some random bit’s of info on Sam:

   Sam’s favourite wig is his blue one which he wears a lot, even when he’s not cosplaying or cross-dressing (as seen on the app). Sam’s family is very wealthy. They live in massive house in the country with a huge amount of land that includes a large lake. This is where Sam was first taken by a stray portal. One evening when he was 13, Sam was coming back from dinner with his older brother when they were mugged. The mugger had a gun with him that he had pointed at Sam. Ever since that event, Sam has had a fear of guns. Sam started cosplaying when he was 16 after being interested in anime and manga for about a year or two. He had always been a bit shy, but he felt more confident when he was in costumes. Cosplay is also how he got into cross-dressing, realising that when he was in costume, he could create a new persona for himself.

   Weapon(s): A scissors? Sam isn’t a fighter.
   Personality: He doesn’t like it when people fight and will what he can to keep the peace; Has no confidence in himself or his own abilities; Very shy around new people. Sometimes he forgets himself and will start talking in an excited manner but when he realised that he’s done so, he gets quite embarrassed. He does feel more confident though when he’s cross-dressing.
   Likes: Cross-dressing and cosplaying, anime and manga, drawing, making outfits, wigs, home-cooked food, friendly people, chocolate biscuits, his iPod, animals.


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