Secret Santa: Vonro

Vonro – click image to go to animation.

   This is my gift to someone on deviantART as part of EoT’s (Elements of Tiadar – the rp group I’m a member of) secret santa. It’s their OC Vonro, who’s an icedancer and loves snow. Actually the actual gift is an animation of snow falling over the image, but I can’t post  flash here, so I’ll just show the image. If you want to see the flash, click on the image and it’ll go to my deviant art page where you can see it.

   I started by drawing the chibi Vonro, and was going to just paint in the snow but I got the idea in my head that I should use Flash, and so started a long process of trying to figure out how to add snow. Eventually I just found a script online to add the snow, but I’ll figure out how to do it myself someday. I really want to learn how to use flash but it’s quite difficult, even when using well written tutorials. Anyway, originally I had drawn something else for the secret santa gift, (see below) but after seeing the pictures that other people had drawn, I thought ‘I have to draw something better!’, so I started again all over again. I’m much happier with the newer vonro chibi.

   Anyway, enough of talk and showing off pictures, it’s Christmas Eve, so merry christmas everyone! Hope you have a good day tomorrow. メリークリスマス皆さん!and 明けましておめでとうございます!

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