Otherworlde OC: Moki

So I joined another rp group on deviantArt, another fantasy based one, and hopefully I’ll have time over the next few months to draw an rp with my her.

   So above is the app sheet for my oc. Her name is Moki and she’s a wolf (she’s not a human who can turn into a wolf, but a wolf who can turn into a human). To the right is a headshot, which I enjoyed colouring as I was trying out a new style of using greys first to get the shadows and then adding colours (you can see the step by step below).

   History: She lived her life as a wild animal, as part of a wolf pack that roamed the lands. However one day on a hunt, she was injured and left on the verge of death. An old witch who was out looking for herbs found her abandoned in the forest and took her in, caring for her until she recovered from her injuries. The old witch had strong magic and wanting some company, she used this on Moki, transforming the white wolf into a human being. Over the course of a few years ,Moki how to speak, read, and act like a human. Several years after they first met, the old woman grew desperately ill and though Moki tried her best, she couldn’t help her. Eventually the old witch passed away. Moki was devastated, and it was in that state that she learned she could transform back into a wolf. She wandered as a lone wolf for several months, frequently being chased away and hunted by people, until one day she came across the Otherworlde Academy. Being able to transform into a human made her feel like she no longer belonged with the wolves she used to run with, but seeing the academy and the people it homed, she thought she could find a place to belong and seek knowledge.


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