OC: Moki – Flash and Chibi art

   Hello everyone! So a short while ago I posted some art of my OC Moki (which you can see in this post). Well for anyone who actually saw that art and liked it, I have some more. For the first piece, I can’t actually post it here as it’s a flash file and I can’t put them in wordpress posts (which is a bit annoying). Anyway, you can see it here. It’s a short written piece, only about 1,000 words long, and is Moki’s first assignment for her class but also provides some back story. It’s in flash format, so that you can flip between pages to make reading it easier. It’s a lot nicer to look at  than seeing a wall of text (and I also drew some pictures to go with it).

   So the second piece of art, is just a page of sketches. They’re not my characters. They’re various Peoples OC’s from Otherworlde. I just wanted to sketch some chibi images really quickly while I was watching an episode of Spooks (which I have recently started watching and love!), so they’re a bit messy and don’t have much detail. I probably spend no more than 3-5 minutes on each (which seems a lot of time for such shitty sketches, but I was also watching something…excuses XD).

   And finally, the third piece of art – a better piece of art – a chibi version of Moki with some wolf ears. It was just something that I sketched out of boredom and liked the sketched so I cleaned it up and coloured it in using copic markers.


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