OC: Moki – A Search of the Greenhouse

     A pen sketch coloured digitally – my OC Moki for OW.

    Moki entered the greenhouse and sniffed out the first of the herbs on her list – hemmel. It was a pink colour and would have been easy to spot because of that, but she wasn’t relying on sight for her task. She had transformed back into her wolf form and was smelling out the herbs. It was the heavy, citric scent that led her so quickly to the first of her marks   The greenhouse was full of plants and herbs. Some she recognised and some she didn’t. Innisin was the next on her list but unfortunately that fell into the category of those she didn’t. She had gone to the library and done some research but as she didn’t know what it smelt like, she knew she had to look for this one by sight. Thinking back, she remembered Professor Everett’s description of the plant: “a grey flower with several pods. They’re found in bushels, and look somewhat similar to a pod of peas.” It took a bit of a search but eventually she found what she was looking for. Transforming into her human form, she carefully took a cutting of the plant and placed it in her bag.

     Now, time for the last of the plants – iceroot. Again, she was unfamiliar with this plant and couldn’t smell it out, so sight would have to come into play. “It will invade the roots of hemmel flowers and freeze them over, giving the roots numbing qualities. You’ll be able to note it by frost at the base of the plant,” was what Everett had said about iceroot in the lecture. If iceroot invaded the roots of hemmel, Moki reasoned that they wouldn’t be kept to near to each other which gave her some bit of a start. She began her search but it still took a good while before she was able to find several plants that fit the basic description. Studying the plants and comparing them with the descriptions she had found in her research, she eventually found what she was looking for.


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