[Screenplay] Happy New Year

   I did a creative writing module last semester when I was studying up in Belfast and for the final assignment we had to write two things. We had a choice between writing eight poems, a 2000 word short story or a 2000 word drama (either for screen, stage or radio). If you’ve seen some of my more recent posts you can tell that one of my picks was to write poetry. A few, I think maybe five of the eight poems I wrote, I posted here on my blog and on my deviantArt page. Anyway, out some of my poems. You can find them in the written art category here.

   Well, for the second assignment I chose to write a short screenplay. It was an interesting task as I had never written a screenplay before and haven’t written one since so this remains my only one for the moment.

   I won’t post the screenplay here because I uploaded it to dA as a pdf file which I can’t do here, and I know that posting the whole text would mostly likely just scare people away because it would look like so much. Instead, you can follow this link to my deviantArt page where it can be read in a much easier way.

   The screenplay is called ‘Happy New Year’, and as might be suggested in the title, takes place on New Years, well, New Years Eve really, but it’s not exactly a happy story. I can’t think really of what to say about it without giving it away, so I’ll just let people read it if they want. Which I hope you do!

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