Yet Another Fantasy Map

Oura Map

     Another fantasy map of mine. Having started with a different idea, eventually I redrew the map enough times and ended up with this one. This digital painting, Ice World, which I did a while back was done with my fantasy world in mind, as well as Coastline Quick Painting. I have a new version of this map with some changes to it that I think will be the final version (here’s hoping), but I haven’t finished it yet.


14 thoughts on “Yet Another Fantasy Map

  1. What are these maps for (if I may ask out of place)? Games? Novels? Whatever the case, you likely outshine my own attempts. I have managed to craft one small town map of sorts for a potential novel (of a series). But, I need to make more maps and get a grasp on the placement of landmarks/buildings to improve the layout of events in my stories. Otherwise, I feel like I’m just sending readers blindly to the locations. I think about this as I read a mystery series which has ridiculous detail in terms of moving around a space, down a street, etc. The author lists nearly every speck in sight. Part of me thinks it might be too much detail. But, it helps paint a vivid picture.


    1. Well, I don’t know quite what they’re for yet. I’d like to someday write a fantasy novel and so I’m working on creating a detailed enough history of this fantasy world, but if I don’t write a novel, they’ll probably end up being used for a fantasy rp group on deviantART. I find drawing maps helps me a lot, helps me place things. When I read fantasy novels, I’m always flicking back to the maps when new places are mentioned. I’d love to see your map though. Think it’d be interesting to see how others go about drawing maps.


    2. Surely there are other hangouts besides Deviant to simulate an RPG group experience. I like the fantasy novel idea and wouldn’t be opposed to contributing (myself/my ideas/assistance) in some way.

      My city/town map is rather simple aside from maybe the few cars/taxis I created. I started with laying out a frame of apartment buildings and then filled in little businesses on intersecting streets. I am slightly concerned I made the map/town too small and wonder if I shouldn’t just forget the whole thing and just write about these people living in an average suburb.


    3. There probably are, but I’m unfamiliar with them. I frequent deviantART a lot though so it would be the most convenient.
      Hopefully though it’ll get to the fantasy novel point. I hope to get a lot of background work done for it over the summer – maps, histories, a few characters maybe. Hopefully get a chance to write a few short stories as well which I’ll be posting. I’ll need all the advice and critiques I can get!
      I say hopefully, unfortunately I do have a 10,000 word FYP to try get get done over the summer which might interfere!

      I think you should stick with the town map. If anything, at least it challenges you to really try visual things and make you think how the world functions.


    4. Convenience seems to be the tempting downfall of humanity. The snake made the apple convenient. Technology makes crime convenient. People get lazy and greedy at the same time.

      Just cuz the majority have fallen into Fbook and “tweeting” doesn’t mean we all need that in our lives. In fact, I think we’d be just as happy or safer without it.

      If you’d like any help/input, just ask. I’d be glad to participate…just not in the role play stuff.

      Maybe, if a novel seems a bit daunting (as it has challenged me yet), you could just write a collection of shorter stories that take place in your fantasy world.



    5. Final year project. I have hopes of getting it done over the summer so that it doesn’t actually interfere with my final year.
      And I say deviantART is convenient because I already use the site frequently and know how it works. Trying to find and set myself up on another site to the same point of familiarity would be time consuming and distracting from actually getting things done.


    6. Well, it sounds like you’re just lacking energy or burnt out online. Any new site you sign up at is going to require the same adjustment like a wading swim pool or new school. I’ve had to move online a few times. I lost touch with my first online art gallery because they made it foolishly complex to log in for some reason.


    7. It’s so easy these days to get burnt out online. To stop that from happening I’m really just limiting myself to dA, my two blogs and Lang-8, and I haven’t even been using Lang-8 recently which I really must get back into.


    8. Thanks for your input on my town map. I spent the last Thursday-Sunday (yesterday) pounding away at all four parts of my mini-series. I don’t have maps for all of them, but the one map I do have just might work, after all. I think I just became skeptical because of so many sources giving me the impression I haven’t done my research or that I don’t have enough experience to give a real scenario. ‘Something to that effect. I just occasionally think I am a kid in a sandbox trying to sound mature. At least, I am a mature editor…still learning a few updated tricks.


    9. That’s great to hear! I hate that dreaded feeling of not having done enough research and thinking you’re not ready yet, but at some point you just have to stop with the research and get to making something (actually, that’s a problem that crosses over to my academic work as well). Most of the time, you’ll find you’re far more prepared to deal with things then you need to be but you’ll never know unless you actually start.


    10. The research thing haunts me constantly. And, it really hit me when I started writing a police story a year or two ago. Actually, I thought of the story back around 2008. But, I first started writing it maybe 2012. As I realized this was a real cop who had to handle cop business, I felt lost at sea without a paddle. I did a little research but didn’t have the motivation/endurance to dig deeper. So, now, I am thinking of making the story light on police work and heavier on the people themselves. Maybe glaze over the “paperwork”. But, I would like more knowledge of procedure/jurisdiction. It’d be great to speak with a cop the way Sue Grafton did for her series.

      Well, as far as academics go, unless times have changed, the research you do is vital to appeasing the teacher who has set the traps before you in her/his maze of details. The more points you make (which he/she already knows about or likes), the better you grade. It’s about verifying text memorization and skill sets learned…and following in teacher’s footsteps.


    11. Lang-8, it’s a blogging site, but you write in different languages, whatever you’re learning, and it can be corrected by native speakers. I use it to keep up my Japanese skills over the summer so that I don’t forget everything between semesters.
      Academics have changed then, at least for writing English lit essays. A lot of lecturers like it when you have a different opinion to them, as long as it’s properly backed up, because it shows you’ve actually done research and have shown an interest, rather than just regurgitating the entire lecture.


    12. Well, that just blows my mind…

      I can’t imagine juggling languages like that. Just one more of those things that might have been feasible had I been in a class with people who shared that activity and actually cared. No, instead I had classmates who didn’t really give a crap about school and didn’t have all this computer stuff going on between/in classes.


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