[Traditional Drawings] A Kai Selection

Forest Gathering
A Helpful Pet
Kai got Skillz
Kai got Skillz


Kai is one of my original characters over on deviantArt for a roleplay group called Land of Edia. Here’s a selection of drawings of her done using copic markers.


She’s a small but fierce Yari who prefers using her fists rather than her brain and wields a hammer that’s bigger than she is. She’s a cool character, but I made a second character for the group who I’m in the process of making my main so I don’t know how often I’ll be drawing Kai in the future.

Headbutting a Ram
Melting in the Meadow
Melting in the Meadow – Kai don’t like sunlight
Guild Hall Mission
If it breathes fire, it isn’t a cat.

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