[Craft] Knitted Heather Scarf and Headband

Heather Scarf and Headband

I was particularly happy with this scarf. I think it’s about the fourth thing I knitted and it only spanned two years! Well that’s true in a sense. I started it on Christmas eve 2014 and it took me about three weeks of working on it in between playing Dragon Age Inquisition and working on my FYP, so it lapsed over into 2015. I just loved the heather colours. Unfortunately though, I had to pose for the picture so it doesn’t look quite as good as it could.


2 thoughts on “[Craft] Knitted Heather Scarf and Headband

    1. Haha, thanks! I didn’t think I’d be good at knitting but I seem to have gotten somewhat decent at making scarves at least in my avoidance of doing college work. I must try find some more of that colour to knit more scarves and maybe some hats.


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