Fantasy Maps and Landscapes #2

     From February 7th, 2016:


     A fantasy map that I quickly sketched, added some watercolour paints too and outlined with a grey fineliner. The paper was just normal sketch paper, not meant for watercolours, but I still like using the watercolour paints on it. They’re great for added a bit of messy colour quickly to give an impression as to the land. As for the shape of this island land, I had been looking at photos Chris Hadfield had taken from space in his book. I can’t remember what the photo was of – it could have been sand dunes or lava fields or something like that – but there was interesting shapes to be found in it so I grabbed a sheet of tracing paper and started tracing some of the prominent lines of the shape.


     I made this map in the same way as the one above – tracing bits from a photo that made an interesting shape – and also used watercolours to paint it, this time using more bright green to suggest fertile farming lands.


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