Random Sketch Notebook #2

     From January, 2017:


     A more finished version of the sloth sketches I showed last month – this is actually the one I ended up scanning and colouring digitally for my icon.

     By the way, I have no problem sketching on both sides of the page when I’m just messing around and working with ideas, especially if I know I’m going to be scanning the drawing to work on digitally but every now and again I just skip a page and I don’t know why! Anyone else like that?

     Here’s the version of the drawing the right away round:


     Also from January, 2017:


     I had saved up some money to re-do my craft room and I planned to get furniture from IKEA so I needed to plan things out to make sure what I was getting would fit in the room to start with but also hold everything I needed it too. Rather than just quickly write down numbers, I decided to sketch things out to really help me visualise how it would look and how I might go about storing things. A bit time-consuming but it did help me a lot with keeping track of what I wanted and how much it cost!


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