Random Character Sketches and Art #2

     From February 15th, 2017:


     I had a lot of fun with this character drawing. She’s not too interesting a character – I just sketched her up very quickly one night – but that’s because I really wasn’t focused on making an interested looking drawing. I drew her so that I could have something to colour.

     It had been so long since I had coloured anything properly with my copic markers (I’m not going to count the few stamped images I quickly coloured with a copic for any card making I’ve done recently). This is far from being perfect but considering the last time I remember doing a proper drawing with my copics was 2014 – I think this is a fairly good return!

character-drawing-copic-colouring-2     I’m not as happy with the hair as I am with the face – maybe it looks better if I crop it?

     I do need to work on my shadows – I tend to shy away from having any really dark areas in my drawing and I don’t know why.

     I might need some new paper for using my copics on too. I have a sketchpad with copic friendly paper but the paper is so light that it’s quite see through. Anyone have any suggestions?


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