2016 Daily Journaling #15

     From May 27th and 28th, 2016:


     The left hand page is a simple enough page using just a scrap of paper, two pieces of ephemera and a black pen but I like it nevertheless. The right hand page is made up off images and words I cut out from an issue of Kerrang that I bought just so I could cut it up (well, also I was curious as to how many bands mentioned in it I would recognise seeing as I haven’t listened to much new music in years!).

     From May 29th and 30th, 2016:


     Colouring in that heart out of squares was probably the most time consuming page I did in my entire journal. I can’t remember but it definitely took well over an hour! I do love it though. The owl is just an image I cut out from a colouring book and I drew a branch in with a pen.


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