Scape Sketch #5

     From February 15th, 2017:


       I have a big book about UNESCO World Heritage Sites and it’s filled with a lot of lovely, colourful pictures of places I would someday like to visit. Every now and then, I pick a photo from the book and I draw it. Sometimes it’s a simple copy of the picture, other times I add in my own elements to make it something different.

     The statues of Easter Island. Well, I opened my book on a random page and this is what was on that page! I started sketching the statues out in pencil and was wondering if I should use grey or black pen but I kinda liked just the pencil. Usually I do just pen with a little bit of sketch pencil in this sketch pad but seeing the blue sky in the picture made me want to add some blue to my drawing. In ended up keep this sketch very simple and I quite like it that way.

2 thoughts on “Scape Sketch #5

    1. See, now I’m imagining you with an actual written numbered list of monumental stone sculptures – wouldn’t surprise me if you actually just had one on hand at all times xD
      I would love to see those pensive stone sculptures someday 🙂

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