Random Character Sketches and Art #5

     From April 2017:

     I got some new black ink pens that I wanted to test out and wanted to practice drawing something based on a prompt and this is what I came up with. The pens I was using bled with copic markers so I couldn’t use them to colour it. Luckily, I had recently gotten a set of watercolours which worked with the pens, although the paper I was using wasn’t meant for watercolours so that was tricky to deal with.

   Here’s the prompt I was working from:

This funny god of woodlands takes the form of a young man. He is very tall and has a graceful build. He has turquoise hair worn in a style that resembles a pennant blowing in the wind. His hooded eyes are milky-white. He has blue skin. He is usually portrayed as wearing an odd costume that is mostly green in colour. He carries a flute. He has four faces. He is always surrounded by forest life. He sometimes takes the form of a chimpanzee.

     Obviously my drawing doesn’t feature everything above. For one, I didn’t feel like drawing a full body at the time so I left that out. From there, I just took bits and pieces as inspiration for things to put in the drawing and colours to use. Next time I would like to try draw everything from a prompt but I feel this was an alright start.

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