2016 Daily Journaling #26

     From July 10th and 11th, 2016:


     So, I wanted to draw a moogle. It’s as simple as that! If you don’t know what a moogle is, look them up – they’re super cute! They’re a reoccurring race in the Final Fantasy games. I found a picture online and used that as my reference for my quick sketch and then I started shading it in…and kept going. I’m not good at shading so I just had to keep adding more and more pen in the hopes that it’d start to look okay! For the next day then I just decided to do some more sketching to add a scene for the moogle to be looking at.

     From July 13th and 15, 2016:


     There was a blue theme for these pages. I had gotten some sea themed ephemera in a package and wanted to use those for the 12th. I was still in a bit of a blue mood for the 13th so I did something simple – I dew some circles and coloured some in in all the shades of blue pen that I had.


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