Elf-Demon [Pencil Drawing]

     From March, 2018:

     This was my first time using colouring pencils to do a full drawing since I think I was in secondary school. In fact, I believe the colouring pencils I used were ones I got when I was in secondary school and doing the Leaving cert and that was over 6 years ago so it’s been a while! I used to really like colouring pencils but then I got into using copics and doing digital art and they fell to the wayside.

     I’m not very good at drawing people so I did trace an image which I used as a base and altered a few things from there (the ears, obviously) because really, I wanted to focus my time on relearning how to work with (water)colour pencils and not spend it getting frustrated with my inability to accurately draw people.

     It took me a few hours to do this small drawing and there are things I could fix but I’m fairly happy with how it came out.

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