My Various Journals – Part 1

     I thought that today I’d take the time to look at my journal collections. I’m not much of a journaller or scrapbooker but even so, I’ve amassed myself a collection of journals and currently, I have five different journals that I use. Five sounds like a lot but they do each have a different purpose. I’ll just give an overview of them in this post and take a closer look at them and how I use them in future posts.

     So as I said, I have five journals. Two of them are daily journals and the rest are whenever I feel like it ones. In terms of daily journals, I use the Q&A Five Year Journal which gives you a small space to answer a question that it asks every day and the Sketch a Day journal which just has a small space to sketch each day.

     As for the other journals, I use various notebooks. The Game of Thrones Moleskine one if my favourite and it’s my scrapbook kind of journal. The blue notebook is my ranting journal and the one left is a colouring book notebook so there’s images to colour and space to write (which I typically just use for making random lists of things like my favourite games).

     So those are my journals. Is five too many? If you’re a journaller, how many do you have?


4 thoughts on “My Various Journals – Part 1

  1. I have three journals I use at the moment. One for everyday writing, one for 2018 where I document special events or moments I want to remember with photos and ephemera, and one to record the junk journals I make and happy mail I send. I would love to try out a traveller’s notebook next.

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    1. Sounds like a good amount of journals! I sometimes worry about having so many journals and it being overwhelming but it does help when each has a very distinct purpose.


  2. I keep art journals more than written records, but I have also been adding in a positivity tracker on the lined note taking area of my day planner. I loved that idea when I first saw it on your blog and I try to keep up with it daily, though I often have to backtrack to fill in several at once. I do have a couple of journals that are lined and I use them entirely for working out concepts or for keeping notes on marketing and event planning. I also have little pocket notebooks for making notes when I’m out, but the art journals are what I think of first when the topic comes up.
    I have a rather large shelf full of art journals since I use them to catalogue ideas for paintings. After completing the sketchbook project this spring, I think it’s time to be more intentional about the practice of working on something small each day. I find I really love the meditative process of cutting and illustrating decorative papers and creating compositions from multiple elements, as well as working out concepts in sketches.
    Your posts always inspire me to get more organized and find time to work small, which is a challenge for me as a large scale painter by nature. I really don’t think you could have too many journals, regardless of how you use them.
    I have been getting requests to design a coloring book from my art. Do you think something like you describe would be more appealing, with room for the person to write in their thoughts? How does that compare to a book that is strictly for coloring? I was thinking about adding inspirational quotes as part of the design.

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    1. Making a colouring book from your art sounds like a really cool idea. I don’t know how others feel but I mean, I like the idea of adding inspirational quotes as part of the design and leaving space for someone to add their own thoughts. I have quite a few colouring books because I use them for mail art. They’re fun to make envelopes out of the pages but I don’t feel that attached to the images in those books and generally don’t actually colour them. My colouring journal is different though because it’s something I spend a lot more time going to, either adding more to my lists or just looking back over things, so I start to associate the images more with my own thoughts. I don’t know, feels more personal to me. That’s how I feel anyway! 🙂

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