My Various Journals – Part 3

     Back in week three for the final part of my random journal look series and this week we have my Moleskine and colouring notebook journals.

    First up, I have my Moleskine journal which I use as a mix between an art journal and scrapbook. It’s just a Moleskine notebook (albeit one of the nice Game of Thrones editions). Some of the pages in it are nice and planned art pieces, like this:

     While others are somewhat planned scrapbook and memory keeping pages, like this:

     And then there are the ‘I got some free stickers and tags with things I purchased and wanted somewhere to put them’ pages, like these:

     Moving on to the colouring book, it’s a nice one. On the left hand page, it has drawings for you to colour and on the left there’s either a blank page or a lined page. I use this colouring book for making random lists of those things that you occasionally think ‘I should make a list of this’. Here, I’ve been listing my favourite watercolour colours and colouring the image in with them.

     And here I started listing my favourite games:

     And that brings me to the end of this journal series. Let me know what kind of journaling you do!


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