Scrawlrbox – December 2018 to February 2019

So a few weeks ago I shared my thoughts on three months worth of the Scrawlrbox monthly art subscription box. Well, I originally planned on cancelling my subscription after three months but I forgot to cancel it in time and ended up subscribed for another three months.

So first up in round two was the December 2018 box:

Yeah, this was my least favourite box – some stationery supplies, not art supplies. Yes you can make really nice pieces of art with basic stationery supplies but I subscribed to an art subscription box and I don’t want to get highlighters in it. Sharpies are fine, they’re not my favourite but they have their uses and into my black pen stash they went. The silver paint marker is an art supply and an interesting one but then we get to the Frixion pen and highlighters…I’ve used these supplies before and they weren’t my favourite for writing and study. I like them less for art. I used the pen for note taking in my evening class and it lasted three weeks (6 classes) so it didn’t have the most ink in it.

Next up is the January 2019 box:

This box was delayed in being sent and so I didn’t actually get this until a bit into February. It featured three Promarkers, a pencil, a white marker, a Sakura fine liner and a Sakura brush pen. I really liked this box – it felt like a really cohesive box and the supplies made sense together (well, not sure about the white marker because it wasn’t the greatest). I had a lot of fun with the markers (I’ll post all the art I did next week) and I can’t say no to more fineliners, I do love black pens!

Finally, we have the February 2019 box which arrived a few days into March:

Finally got some watercolour supplies! Well, inks that can be used like watercolours. I haven’t had much time to use these supplies but I tested them out and they all seem nice and I like the colours. I have my own supplies of brushes so I used those but I think it would have been nice if they’d included a brush in this box seeing as all the supplies can be mixed with water to create watercolour effects.

As happy as I was with two out of three boxes, I’m happy I remembered to cancel my subscription this time because it was just a little pricey £20 (€23) and shipping seemed to be getting really slow for those last few boxes.

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