Scrawlrbox Supplies – Filling a Sketchbook (sort of)

I decided that with the markers from the January 2019 Scrawlrbox, I would see how many drawings I could do before the markers died and here’s what happened.

For my sketchbook, I just used a really cheap notebook I got from Sostrene Grene – it’s thin paper not meant for alcohol markers at all but it did fine (just made sure to put some card behind the page I was using to prevent bleed through destroying all the pages behind it).

In terms of supplies, I used the markers and pens from the Scrawlrbox but I switched the not very good PITT marker for a white gel pen, used a mechanical pencil instead of what came in the box just because I hate sharpening pencils and also, I used a giant black marker because I had some large spaces I wanted to colour in back.

So with those supplies, I set to, over the course of a few evenings, doing a series of three marker drawings – without being able to blend the markers because the paper I was using couldn’t handle that.

They’re all simple drawings but I really had a lot of fun figuring out what I could do with the limited colours I and cheap paper.

8 thoughts on “Scrawlrbox Supplies – Filling a Sketchbook (sort of)

    1. It’s definitely worth a go – a limited pallet can be oddly good for creativity! Gets you thinking about what things are the colours you have and they might be things you don’t normally draw. I can honestly say I probably never would have drawn Jupiter if it hadn’t popped into my head when I was sketching ideas for my colour pallet 🙂


    1. Aw, thank you ^-^ I should be ok though, I just did some simple paintings last night and have some sketches to play with so I’ve found another burst of inspiration – yay!

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