A Summary of my Character

   Hey there.

   However you found your way here, welcome to my blog. I’m Emma. You’ll find some of my art littered around this blog, bits and pieces that I do in my spare time. Hope you enjoy.

   If you’re interested in planners, crafts and snail mail, I have another blog for talking about those, so if you want to read about that you can find it at puddlesidemusings.wordpress.com. I’m not active on deviantART anymore but if you’re on dA, you can see a lot of my old art up there at idle-emma.deviantart.com.

   I also have an etsy shop where you can buy some of my crafts: IdleHourCrafts.

   Those would be my usual haunts so feel free to click on some of those links and see what else I’m up too.

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